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Houston's Premier Flight Training Center

Open 7 days a week

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Open 7 days a week

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Our Instructors Fly Discovery Flights 7 Days a Week


Discovery Flight:

$99.00, 32 - 40 minutes

Count on Our Over 35 Years of Flight Experience

Private Pilot;

The Basic Training provided by our flight school is for Private Pilot License. The minimum requirements for a Private Pilot License are:


a. Log at least 40 hours of flight time

b. 20 hours of flight with an instructor, including;

- 3 hours Cross Country

- 3 hours night

- 10 night landings

- 3 hours instrument

c. 10 hours of solo flight to include

- 5 hours of solo cross country

- 3 solo landings at a control airport

d. Pass written knowledge test

e. FAA third-class medical certificate

f. Pass FAA Private Pilot flight exam

  • Private Pilot

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Multi-Engine

  • ATP

  • Complex

  • High Performance

  • Tail Wheel Endorsement

  • Spin Endorsement

Instrument Rating;

The minimum requirements for Instrument Raing are;


a. 50 hours of PIC Cross Country flying

b. 40 hours instrument flying

c. 15 hours of instrument flying training from an instructor

d. Pass FAA knowledge test

e. Pass FAA instrument pilot flight exam

Commercial Pilot ;

The minimum requirements for Commercial Pilot License are;


a. 250 hours of flight time

b. 10 hours of night flying

c. 10 hours of complex aircraft flying

d. Pass FAA written knowledge test

e. Pass FAA Commercial Pilot flight Exam

Complex Aircraft;

(Package starting from $1750)


Package includes:

a. 10 hours of flight time

b. ground instruction

c. endorsement


Minimum requirements:

a. Private Pilot License

b. Valid Medical Certficate

c. Renter's Insurnace


Piper Warrior (2): $109