The Flight School Inc. – Flight Lessons | Cypress, TX

20803 Stuebner Airline Rd.

Spring TX 77379

Houston's Premier Flight Training Center

Open 7 days a week

1904 Cardiff Rd.

Brookshire, TX 77423


Open 7 days a week


The Flight School Inc. provides aircraft for flight instruction and for personal use, backed by our over 35 years of flight experience. When you get your license, you can continue to fly your usual plane or upgrade to one that is faster and has more capabilities.


The Cessna 172's, Piper Warrior are all IFR Certified with Garmin 430, 530, Garmin 430WAAS, modern avionics, and dual radios.  


Please note that renters' insurance is required for solo rentals, and PRICES ARE HOURLY.


Aerial photography and survey services available.

Aircraft Rentals in Spring, TX

Rental Rates

Piper Arrow II VFR/IFR (G530): $139

Cessna 172 VFRIFR

Cessna 172 VFR/IFR (G430W): $120

Piper Archer VFR/IFR(G430W): $124

Bellanca Citabria 7KCAB: $125

Piper Seneca II VFR/IFR (G430W): $295

Piper Warrior (2) Citabria 7GEBE Piper Seneca II $250

Training Rates

Flight Simulator: $20/hour

Flight Instruction: $55/hour

Chief Flight Instructor: $55/hour

One-On-One Ground Instruction: $55/hour

Private Pilot Ground School: $179

Instrument Pilot Ground School: $199

Piper Arrow II

Piper Warrior VFR/IFR (G430W): $120


for Rental Rates at KTME, call our office 281-574-6949

Piper Archer VFR/IFR (G430W)

Grumman AA5A 160 HP, VFR/IFR (G430W) : $110

Piper Warrior II, VFR/IFR (G530W) : $120

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